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Our modern wood burning saunas are built to order using the best materials available and are made to last a lifetime.

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Grade A Western Red Cedar

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Saunas can feel like caves, isolated from their surroundings, dark and detached from nature. As avid outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists, we seek to include as much of nature as we can in our sauna design and practice. The long-lasting, extremely lightweight twin wall polycarbonate we use to cover the entire sauna lets in over 90% of ambient natural light. You basically feel like you’re outdoors, but enjoying a good sweat next to the heater! The polycarbonate is not completely transparent like glass, and offers privacy while letting in light.

Wood-Fired Heaters

Our wood-burning heaters are extremely efficient and can burn wood up to 16” in length, although we recommend using 14” or shorter wood for easier loading. These saunas are meant to be entirely off-grid and require no electrical hookup. The heater holds 100 Lbs. of vulcanite rocks, which absorb and emit soft heat from the fire. Ladle water onto the rocks for steam and add a few drops of essential oils to boost the aromatherapeutic experience.

How it works

More Features


On our original prototype sauna, we built a mini door measuring two feet wide by four feet tall. The small door conserves heat on the interior of the sauna as people enter and exit the room. The tiny door design was influenced by Japanese architecture, where visitors must slow down and bow when entering a Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn/Spa). One must leave their worldly status behind when entering the healing sauna space.


All surfaces are easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap. We cover the insulated floor with a super durable rubber membrane that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. Simply lift up the cedar floorboards, clean floor underneath, and replace the wooden boards. The heat produced by the next fire will dry the entire space quickly.

Looking For Something A Little More Traditional?

While we personally love the feel of a transparent outdoor sauna, we are happy to accomodate any style or personal preference! Contact us today to find out more about our tried and try traditional cedar saunas!